What We Do

As the Isle of Man’s leading children’s charity, The Children’s Centre works directly with over 1,000 children, young people and families each week. We run 15 vital services across the Island, each working to address a different recognised need. 

We put children and young people first by offering childcare, play, adventure activities, learning opportunities, residential care and support services to enable them to realise their full potential for the future.

For families we offer support to parents from pregnancy through to dealing with the teenage years. Often little attention is paid to preparing people for this vital role, yet parents are key to giving children a happy and stable childhood. We provide first class services that offer practical advice on a wide range of issues such as: divorce; contact; child behaviour and budgeting; whilst at the same time offering a helping hand, and the opportunity to meet other parents.

Safe and progressive communities give everyone the freedom to flourish and are vital to the wellbeing of children and their families. Our work in communities throughout the Isle of Man aims to ensure that the needs of all children, young people and families are put first, regardless of where they live.

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