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Mindful Mann 2021

  • When Aug 14th 2021
  • Time 8:30am to 18:30pm


A celebration of positive mental health, spirituality and wellbeing. The festival will be held on Saturday 14th August at The Children's Centre, an off-grid oasis of green on the outskirts of Douglas.

Mindful Mann is the Isle of Man's largest wellbeing festival and aims to inspire and transform the ways in which we experience ourselves, our Island, and the world. This year we'll be presenting some of the Island's most exciting and inspirational teachers and workshop leaders including:

- Steve Taylor, Transpersonal Psychologist and bestselling Author (via zoom)
- Charlie Morley, Bestselling Hay House Author and Mindvalley Lucid Dreaming Coach (via zoom)
- Dr. Rodney King, Martial Artist & Mindful Leadership Expert
- Dee Stockman, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Space Yoga and Wellness studio
- Phil Quirk, Performance Coach and NLP trainer
- Rosemary O'Donohue, Biodynamic breathwork & trauma release facilitator
- Yuliya Sasina, Qigong Instructor
- Ian Kirk, The Island's only Wim Hoff Method Instructor
- Alba Mary Quintero Pabón, Internal Transformation Coach
- Mike Kewley, Mindfulness Teacher

With themes ranging from spirituality and mental health, resilience and community wellbeing, Mindful Mann 2021 promises to be an unforgettable experience promoting positive change, community spirit and an inclusive worldview.

Normal Ticket Price: £65.00 per person.

Please follow this link to purchase your tickets:

*Please note that there will be no children's activities this year as we're highlighting our local teachers and aiming to provide a more focussed experience for attendees.
Ticket numbers are limited.

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