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The Children's Centre £50K in 50 Days Appeal

  • When Aug 5th 2016
  • Where All Island 1st June - 20th July
  • Time 00:00
  • Price £Donate. Pledge. Fundraise

The 1st June is International Children's Day. We are launching an appeal to raise £50,000 in 50 days. Donate or fundraise here.

Watch our short video to find out more:

The world is changing. And it's tough on our children. Bullying, boredom, substance abuse, family break ups, mental health issues, poverty and neglect are all issues that children on our doorstep are facing every day.

The good news is on our Island, we've got the capabilities we need to make the Isle of Man one of the best places in the world to be born, raised and live.

For almost 150 years The Children's Centre has been putting children, young people and families first by giving them chance to feel safe, learn, play, stay connected with their family and have a happy childhood that every young person deserves.

But there is a problem

It costs over £3000 every day for us to support over 5800 children a year. Right now we have a waiting list. There's not capacity to help everyone who needs us. This means that some children in need will have to wait to access our services.

And even then we may not be able to help everyone. For these children, every day counts.

Help us to turn this picture around.

• 1st June 2016 is International Children's Day

• We will be launching an appeal to raise £50,000 in 50 days

• £50,000 will pay for us to help more than 250 local children

We have various support packages available for business's and individuals to support this urgent appeal.

Diamond Donors (£5000) 

Golden Givers (£1000) 

Silver supporters (£500)

Shining stars (£100) 

We are asking all of our supporters to take action today and 

Donate what you can to change lives on your doorstep

Donate online - Click here

Over the phone - Call 01624 676076

Cheque - Payable to Friends of The Children's Centre and post to The Children's Centre, 90-96 Woodbourne Road, Douglas, IM2 3AS

or Fundraise

From cake sales to fun days, organise an event on our behalf and we'll support you every step of the way

Email us to find out more here

or fundraise online through our Justgiving page


How can you help?

There are many ways you can support our work.

  • £3,000 per day to run our charitable programmes
  • £7 benefit for every £1 spent on Thriving families programme
  • 40% of local children and young people engaged in our services
  • 16 groups of all ages hosted at the Farm each week