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The Children's Centre International Children's Day

  • When Jun 1st 2020

***International Children's Day - A child's right to have fun!***

International Children's Day is a day that is celebrated throughout the globe, and this year on the 1st of June we would like to celebrate the children on the Isle of Man.

COVID-19 is severely impacting us all, and we are all dealing with the situation as best we can, but we know some children are struggling with not being able to go to school, play with their friends or simply hang out in town. With this in mind, it is even more important to give these children some extra attention.

To help engage and involve as many children and families we can, and most importantly have fun, today we are launching The Children's Centre International Children's Day campaign which will run up to the day of celebration on the 1st June.

Each day we plan to post a fun activity via our social media channels for all children and families to take part and we all we ask is that you share with us videos/photos of you and your family getting involved.

We will keep a note of everybody who has shared their daily videos/photos and on International Children's Day there will be a prize awarded to the winner of an amazingly delicious Davison's Ice Cream hamper.

All we ask is that you get involved, have lots of fun and if you can make a small donation of £5 to our charity we would be very grateful. Please click on the Just Giving link below to donate.


And remember it is a child's right to have fun!

How can you help?

There are many ways you can support our work.

  • £3,000 per day to run our charitable programmes
  • £7 benefit for every £1 spent on Thriving families programme
  • 40% of local children and young people engaged in our services
  • 16 groups of all ages hosted at the Farm each week