Blue Peter Crew Visits The Children’s Centre Community Farm

When members of the Blue Peter team visited the Isle of Man in July, they came face to face with some truly special Manx VIPS – Loaghtan sheep! Crew from the children’s BBC TV show were invited along to film at The Community Farm in Kewaigue, where they learned about the ancient breed of sheep and had an introduction to the art of shearing.

The Community Farm, part of The Children's Centre, works to reconnect children and young people with food production, the countryside and our wider environment through hands-on education and fun group activities.

The Blue Peter team had taken part in the World Tin Bath Championships (for a segment already aired) and were looking for a second 'distinctly Manx' experience. Out of the suggestions made by the Community Farm's Team Leader, Lee Brooks, a close encounter with the farm's Loaghtan sheep was the one which captured their imagination.

Lee explains, "As they were keen on the sheep, we held off shearing them until the film crew's arrival; the cool weather in early July meant this was ok for the animals. We invited one of our star helpers, Jess Clague, to teach presenter Barney Harwood how to shear the sheep. Nigel Revill, our Farm Activity Worker, was on hand to talk about the breed, and Sue Quilliam, Master Crafter, gave a demonstration of carding and spinning Loaghtan wool. The result will make a two-part piece, set to be broadcast on Thursday 29th September.

"It was a fantastic day on the farm. The whole TV crew were great sports and took plenty of interest in the work we're doing here. They even dished out a few coveted Blue Peter badges!".

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