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Inspiring ideas sought for Children’s Centre scheme which gives dynamic
support to jobseekers

Inspiring ideas sought for Children's Centre scheme which gives dynamic
support to jobseekers

The Community Impact Team (CIT) – a civic-minded initiative which helps get people back into meaningful employment or education – is calling for ideas for work projects which will benefit not only scheme participants but the Island community as a whole.

The CIT, which is run by The Children's Centre and funded by the Department of  Economic Development, creates new horizons for jobseekers of all abilities and experience through a wide variety of schemes which enhance our  surroundings and facilities. 

In the course of the 12-week programme, team members can see a massive boost to their employment, training and education prospects. Says CIT Team Leader David Gibson, "CIT is an innovative way to make young people more employable or improve the opportunities they have to access training.

"It's a chance to gain self-respect and confidence; refresh and develop skill-sets; and learn teamwork, leadership, communication and project management skills, all in a friendly, caring environment of mutual support and encouragement. Participants also have access to useful training and qualifications and come away with a portfolio of their work and achievements".

When the CIT programme piloted in 2014, projects ranged from path and drainage restoration at Millennium Oakwood to improvements to the Aviation Museum at Ronaldsway. At one time, the teams could be found helping local mountain bike enthusiasts to construct a multi-activity pathway in Conrhenny Plantation, while in wet weather; initiatives could involve bicycle repair and machinery recycling.

"As a result of the programme, forty-eight participants either found significant employment or returned to education" comments David. "Not only did they change their circumstances for the better, they had channelled their energies and skills into changing their environment for the better".

Now, The Children's Centre is looking to the public to offer up project ideas for future recruits to tackle. You could be a charity, a church or other not-for-profit organisation crying out for a helping hand; you could be an individual with the desire but not the means to make an improvement to a rural or urban public space; a local landmark or a wildlife haven.

 There's everything to gain by speaking up, says David: "The work that the CIT participants did during the pilot projects was of a very high standard, and we received very positive feedback. We're now very keen to hear from anyone with ideas for new projects. The more varied and demanding, the better it will be for jobseekers to improve their prospects. But the best thing about CIT is, everyone involved can benefit in a real and long-lasting way".

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