High Standards at The Children's Centre

The Children's Centre outdoor education service MOBEX is the only outdoor provider on the Isle of Man to hold the Adventure Activity Licensing Authority (AALA) kite mark.

AALA was set up by the Health and Safety Executive in the United Kingdom as a result of the tragic Lyme Bay disaster in which 4 teenagers died whilst kayaking with inexperienced, unqualified instructors.  Its main aims are to monitor outdoor providers, ensure safe practice, and provide advice to the management of outdoor providers.  It is a legal requirement for those working with anyone under the age of 18 in the United Kingdom. 

There are no legal requirements for this licence in the Isle of Man, but we see it as a mark of professionalism and best practice.

 Mobex at The Children's Centre has held an AALA licence since its creation in 2001. 

Kieran Stoutt on of the service providers said “The outdoors are inherently risky, that’s why we use it as a medium to engage with young people. Measured risk allows young people to challenge themselves, experience new horizons, and build meaningful relationships through shared experience; all of these factors contribute to their self-development.  Having highly qualified and experienced facilitators allows us to manage risk without being averse to it; some might call it a common sense approach.  This allows our clients to get the most from our interactions.”

This latest extension of our licence demonstrates what we are doing is safe and up to the highest standards of delivery.

Joff Whitten head of The Children's Centre aid “It’s a sign for parents and teachers that any young people engaged in our service are in qualified, experienced hands.”

Licence number: L14533


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