Kilmanjaro Climbers double target

They set off in October with the commanding silhouette of Mount Kilimanjaro in their sights and dreams of raising £26,000 for The Children’s Centre. They finished with two phenomenal achievements by reaching the summit and doubling the amount of money they expected to raise.

With all the donations in and counted, the team of trekkers learned this week their efforts had in fact brought in a staggering £52,000 for the charity.

It was incredible news for team, who spent seven days on the mountain in their push for the 5,895m high Uhuru peak. For most of the group, it was the first event of its kind they had taken part in. They faced particularly challenging weather conditions on the long and final ascent to the summit but none gave in and all 26 reached the top.

The Children's Centre provides critical and timely, early help and support to children, young people and families in need. The charity engages with children and young people who have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties to develop the vital foundation of life long skills such as resilience, forming relationships, empathy and preparation for dealing with the unexpected.

This amazing achievement from individuals taking part in this personal challenge brings much needed funding for services such as our Community Farm which offers a welcoming and therapeutic countryside facility, allowing young people to grow and improve their social skills and develop their personal confidence and self-belief. This is particularly helpful for young people who are struggling in standard education and who need further opportunities to understand their own realise that they may be capable of more than they imagine or have been told in the past.

Participant Aidan Baglow said the bumper fundraising total was "rather spectacular".

Fiona Dawson, Chief Executive of The Children's Centre commented "This was an awe inspiring achievement, by a fantastic group of people who showed both physical and mental strength in achieving their goal of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and also raising a truly amazing amount for our charitable services."

Our challenge of a lifetime for 2017 is a trek to Machu Picchu in Peru and promises to offer amazing scenery through jungle and over high passes with spectacular views of the Andes. If you would like to sign up for this exciting challenge please click here or contact us by emailing or telephone 676076 for more information.

How can you help?

There are many ways you can support our work.

  • £3,000 per day to run our charitable programmes
  • £7 benefit for every £1 spent on Thriving families programme
  • 40% of local children and young people engaged in our services
  • 16 groups of all ages hosted at the Farm each week