Manx Lottery Trust Supports The Children's Centre's 100% Sustainable Power Project

The Children’s Centre Community Farm now runs on 100% sustainable power thanks to a helping hand from Manx Lottery Trust

The Island charity was awarded a grant of £25,000 to contribute to it moving away from fossil fuels and towards solar energy, enabling the conversion of its entire operation to a fully sustainable electrical system. This includes the installation of 36 meters of solar cells, a Tesla Powerbank battery, Air Source Heat Pumps and overnight storage heaters.

The new system is a great learning resource for schools, young people and families, enabling the community to share best practice and knowledge. The charity is working with local schools, offering farm visits, school-based workshops and teaching resources. It has also produced signage for the site explaining how the new solar cells and system works, the benefits and why the charity wanted to utilise this technology.

Joff Whitten, Head of The Children's Centre, said: 'The climate crisis is something young people are significantly worried about and many of the anxiety issues we address are related to young people believing there is no future for them. We listened to these concerns and after a consultation process with young people and teachers we decided to move to a sustainable power supply. We're hopeful that this can be a showcase and other Island organisations and businesses will follow.

'In addition to the long-term environmental impact, the project has other benefits. Being off-grid means the charity can save around £8,000 per year and it gives us a great opportunity to build on our relationships with schools around the Island. We want to contribute to the global effort to change our collective behaviours and provide hope that there will be a world for young people to inherit.'

Manx Lottery Trust Chairman Sarah Kelly added: 'Climate change is something we are all worried about and it's concerning to hear that this is affecting the mental health of our young people, especially at a time when they should be carefree. This is a fantastic project and we're thrilled to support it through our Island Community Fund. Not only will it have a positive effect on the global fight against climate change but it will show young people in our community that they can make a real difference and that their voices are important.'

To offset the carbon impact of the manufacture and installation of the solar system the charity has planted 100 trees.

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  • £3,000 per day to run our charitable programmes
  • £7 benefit for every £1 spent on Thriving families programme
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