Barclays provides vital funding to Adventure Therapy programme

Barclays Community Foundation has donated £6000 to the Adventure Therapy programme; delivered in partnership by The Children’s Centre and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Adventure Therapy, which is run by outdoor adventure team MOBEX, is one of The Children's Centre's charitable projects. The programme helps to improve the emotional and psychological wellbeing of young people in the island through a range of experiential learning activities.

The programme is made up of a series of challenges, adventure sports and creative projects that are designed to push participants to exceed their own expectations and can aid in boosting self-confidence, problem solving, self-esteem and social skills.

MOBEX team leader, Kieran Stoutt, said: "Adventure Therapy is usually conducted in a group setting and involves the combination of mentally and physically demanding activities spanning a ten week period"

"After the first few sessions it was clear that the programme had a significant benefit to the young people taking part, including one individual who was able to return to school after two years of absence."

Participants are referred to the scheme by mental health professionals from The Children's Centre, CAMHS and other Isle of Man agencies.

A CAMHS review, conducted during the 2015 sessions, found that after taking part in the group sessions some participant's levels of confidence and social skills improved and social anxiety had decreased.

Ian Pilley from Barclays in the Isle of Man, said: "Barclays is pleased to support The Children's Centre's Adventure Therapy programme which encourages young people to learn new skills and make them realise their potential.

"Barclays is committed to helping young people reach their goals by offering funding and support to local charities that share in our long term commitment to raising awareness of the importance of good mental health.

"The programme has already made a big difference to the young people currently taking part and Barclays donation means the programme can continue to benefit young islanders for the next two years."

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