Under-two nursery closures

The Children’s Centre announces under-2 nursery closures

The Children's Centre has announced that its nursery provision for children under two years of age will come to a close on July 29th 2016.

This is a decision that has been made extremely reluctantly and follows a detailed assessment of under-2 nursery provision.

This analysis reaffirmed the fact that The Children's Centre's three nurseries for children under two years of age currently are losing a substantial sum of money month after month. The Children's Centre simply cannot afford to lose income at this rate.

These substantial losses in the under-2 nurseries reduce the overall profitability of the nurseries and other commercial activities, meaning that the amount left available to cover key administration and central support costs, and to fund the organisation's charitable activity, is reduced. To continue on that basis is simply not tenable.

A range of alternatives have been considered but none would have made up the losses currently being made.

The Children's Centre has contacted all the parents affected by this decision and are giving them what help they can in the search for alternative child care.

The Children's Centre's focus now remains on the nurseries for older children, where the organisation can continue to develop and deliver a first class and financially viable service.

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