Introducing our two new arrivals

Brothers join the farm but they have no names - we need your help!

We would like to introduce you to our two new additions who have joined us from Close Leece Farm.

Our new boys are Guernsey Golden Goats and they are settling in very well but unfortunately we cannot agree on names for the brothers.


We are running an online competition via Facebook where are are asking for suggestions on what to call the boys. We would like you to draw a picture of a goat, or colour in a picture of a goat and you need to send them in to us no later than the last day of school term - Friday 24th July.

The winner will then be invited to come up with to the farm with their family to meet and feed the goats and meet all the other animals we have too.

We are very excited to see the entries and names for our beautiful new additions.

How can you help?

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