Ways to donate

Become a friend

From as little as £1 a month, you can become a 'Friend of The Children's Centre' and support our work with children, young people and families.

Bronze Friendship

£1 a month could pay for toys for a child to play with whilst they spend time with their non-resident parent in our Saturday Child Contact Centre.

Silver Friendship

£3 a month could pay for a playwork induction scheme, enabling a volunteer to support  groups of children on an Adventure Day.

Gold Friendship

£5 a month could buy a climbing rope which could be used by Mobex to build confidence in a young person by taking them abseiling.

Becoming a 'Gold friend' also entitles you to be entered into a monthly draw where you  could win £100, £50 or £25

What to do next

To become a 'Friend' all you need to do is choose the level of monthly donation you are able to make and then fill in a direct debit form.

All the details can be found here.

Once completed, please return to:
Fundraising Team
The Children's Centre
94 Woodbourne Road

Do you need help?

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  • £3,000 per day to run our charitable programmes
  • £7 benefit for every £1 spent on Thriving families programme
  • 40% of local children and young people engaged in our services
  • 16 groups of all ages hosted at the Farm each week